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Multiple Learning Methods


Picture Power

With English Gym, learning English is fun for all ages! Our unique training method teaches you to listen first before worrying about speaking or grammar.

In this activity, listen to vocabulary words and choose the correct image. When you answer, the English words will be revealed so you can learn the correct spelling.

English Gym trains your brain to hear and recognize English words quickly and easily. All audio is spoken by a native English speaker, so you can learn American English wherever you live.


Listen and Learn

English Gym turns language learning into a game. Our simple activities train your brain to understand spoken English. It doesn’t matter how old you are or what your language level is, anyone can learn with English Gym.

In this activity, you listen to three audio options and choose the word that matches the picture. As you strengthen your listening skills, you will quickly recognize words to build your language power.

Listening to the proper pronunciation of English words improves your understanding and helps you learn English intuitively. Our fun and interactive activities will make you enjoy learning English!

Practice regularly with English Gym to become a strong English speaker.

Watch Your Word Power Grow



Track your stats to see your vocabulary grow. Use English Gym daily and watch as your word power increases. The statistics page shows you how much time you have spent practicing and your overall score of correct and incorrect answers. The more time you spend practicing, the more words you will know!

English Gym knows that the best way to train your brain is repetition. Language studies show that you need to repeat new words regularly to create strong neural pathways in your brain. Using your statistics, English Gym will repeat new words and remind you of incorrect words until you have learned them permanently.

Build Your Own English Workout


Choose Activities and Topics Tailored to You

Whether you are a beginner or a pro, English Gym offers custom programs to match your language level: elementary, intermediate, advanced. As you learn, English Gym will adjust your level to reflect your progress.

Each activity has you study thirty words at a time, so you can do a quick workout or repeat for a longer session at the gym. Choose from two different types of activities to match your learning style.

English Gym offers more than twenty categories so you can choose the vocabulary you want to strengthen. With over 5000 words, English Gym will keep you from getting bored while practicing English!

English Gym is free to use! If you love the app, you can subscribe to unlock extra categories and reveal more words.


Learn Offline


Use English Gym, Anytime, Anywhere

Waiting for the bus? In line at the grocery store? On a long flight?
Use English Gym to train your brain on the go!

You do not need to use data or wifi to access English Gym. Download hours of activities onto your phone for offline use, so you can practice anytime, anywhere. With English Gym, you can conveniently choose your download package to optimize storage space on your device.

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Train your Brain on the go! The English Gym mobile app is available for all devices. Practice English anytime, anywhere and watch your vocabulary grow!

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